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 SAVAREZ Strings from France  & Aquila Strings from Italy


KinderGuitars “Little Froggie Songbook” 

Little Froggie Play-Along Have your children listen and play along to the music they’re learning with Little Froggie Play-Along.  Little Froggie Play-Along provides five tracks for each song, offering a variety of fun options for playing along while developing a sense of pulse: the melody, the melody with metronome (m), the melody with metronome at a slower tempo (ms), the accompaniment with metronome (a), and the accompaniment with metronome at a slower tempo (as). 

MSRP  $ 25.90 shipping & handling  included [Students and General Public!]       Tracks available online here!


“EL GALLO Y LA PERDIZ”  Popular Venezuelan Folks Songs for the Guitar ImageProxy

Artist: Leonardo Garcia,   Founder, KinderGuitar Inc.   

MSRP   $ 15 plus shipping & handling

guitarsCordoba & Guild join Forces!  Please inquire.

As a PREMIUM for our Students; please contact Rodney Burr for the KinderGuitar pricing on in stock STUDENT SIZED instruments.  This is a part of the National program developed by KinderGuitar.   This is a great addition to the book package that comes as a part of the KinderGuitar program.  As a trained teacher I can help with sizing your budding guitarist.

KinderGuitar is Proud to be a stockist of the fine lines of CORDOBA guitars…beginning, intermediate and advanced studecordoba-protege-student-guitars400nts will benefit from these fine and wondrous instruments!

*In Stock Locally!   1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, & Full size. KinderGuitar New Mexico also stocks guitar accessories; music stands, tuners, and Aquila Strings from Italy. 

Consult with me for proper sizing but here are some guidelines:                                                                                         Ages 4-6: 1/4 size [480mm] *Protege series replaces 1/8 size.

Ages 7-9:[520mm]  Limited stock available for student rental only. 

Ages 7-10: 1/2 size [580mm]  

Ages 10+ : 3/4 size [620mm]  Cadete Model

Ages 12 – Adult: 7/8 size [630mm] Dolce or *Full size [650mm] 

Cordoba’s Iberia Guitars have recently become KinderGuitar’s Brand of Choice because of their quality construction, perfect set-up, and beautiful sound.  The Protege line also has been added to accommodate our youngest clients.

Remember tiny hands need the advantage of an instrument that is made to allow the student to be able to reach the strings properly.  KinderGuitar does suggest nylon* over steel strings because the tension is lower and is less damaging to younger and sensitive fingers.   Ere on the side of caution.  Purchasing an instrument is an investment, and this is where rental may be to your advantage. KinderGuitar has the ability to help up-size a Student at the right time and refit.  If you have questions about instruments as they increase in abilities please ask.

These beautifully made instruments represent an opportunity to own and play a Córdoba Cedar topped instrument with African mahogany back and sides with inlaid wood rosette, with bridge trim, that will produce beautiful sound that will appeal to the student and the listener.  Beautifully constructed with perfect set up.  Instruments come complete with heavily padded carry case with padded neck cradle, zip pouch for accessories, and shoulder straps for easy carrying.  Protege instruments are a laminate spruce top and a superb value for the beginning guitarist.

*FULL SIZE instruments are also available. Concert level guitars are available by Special Order, please discuss your needs with us!

For availability/ pricing/ rental, contact Rodney Burr: 505.304.0528

books & cd’s 

KinderGuitar Curriculum – ‘Let’s Play!’  guitar_2c

KinderGuitar Skill Building Book 1* – In Stock.

KinderGuitar First Songbook* – In Stock.

CD: First Songbook; Guitarist, Leonardo Garcia – In Production.

KinderGuitar Reading Book 1:  Melodic and Rhythmic Reading* – In Stock.

KinderGuitar Reading Book 2:  Harmonic Reading and Introductory Repertoire* – In Stock.

KinderGuitar Reading Book 3:  Advancing Repertoire and Technique, Part 1* – Available.

KinderGuitar Reading Book 3:  Advancing Repertoire and Technique, Part 2* – Available.

KinderGuitar: ‘Little Froggie Songbook’* – In Stock.

KinderGuitar: ‘Holiday Songbook’* – TBA

KinderGuitar: Practice Notebook* – A Parent’s Lifesaver! – In Stock.

[*Registered Students Only]





KinderGuitar New Mexico is now forming classes for children ages 5-12. Beginning classes are in full swing. Reserve your time slot! Contact information is also shown in the Contact tab, or call Rodney Burr, 505.304.0528, for more information.