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Carcassi, Carulli, Folk-songs, Mary Had A little Lamb, updated versions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Waltzes by Schumann, and Schubert, and of course the group of students who played “Ode To Joy” in three parts by Beethoven, all dazzled.   There was even an encore by one student for a very shocked and tearful parent – wow!
With the majority of my students entering in to the final stages of the first book they are poised to begin the full curriculum of the program with the fantastic backing of their parents. I understand that there are siblings who will also begin the program soon. 
This is the kind of  wondrous gift that adds to lives!

Please check back for the dates and times of future Student Recitals; SPRING/ FALL.


  • KinderGuitar New Mexico is the proud sponsor of the 2017/ 2018/ 2019 New Mexico Classical Guitar – YOUTH TRACK SEMINAR for outstanding students and offers both scholarships, and participation fees for exceptional students.  We are a sponsor/ supporter of the GFA:Guitar Foundation of America the EGTA – European Guitar Teachers Association, “me*mo – Essays on Music and Art”,  and ASTA: The American String Teachers Association!


 KinderGuitar New Mexico presented with 2 NATIONAL AWARDS. : *BEST KinderGuitar Program: “For extraordinary effort to build a musical community through educational excellence”.   *BEST New KinderGuitar Teacher: “For guiding and educating his students with passion and enthusiasm”.  –  Leonardo Garcia, Founder, KinderGuitar.

To View the Founder of KinderGuitar, Leonardo Garcia with some of his students,  see here: YouTube

Charlie and Max Garcia: KinderGuitar San Francisco/ Please watch this space for additional videos of the New Mexico studio…you will be glad you did!~

 CLASSES are Filling… filling…filling! 

  • KinderGuitar classes are filling but spaces are available.  All age groups are welcome.   KinderGuitar has the goal  – Develop a “musical community”©  for the Guitar!
  • FOR YOU ADULTS THAT WONDER…  Adult classes are asked about and not uncommon, however class is based on the same KinderGuitar format, and paced a bit differently.   Too busy for class – PRIVATE sessions are available. Adults might prefer private study, which can be arranged.


 KinderGuitar New Mexico is proud to offer as a Premium to our students, a fine selection of STUDENT SIZE instruments with National KinderGuitar Pricing.  Contact your KinderGuitar teacher for sizing.  In addition 
to instruments we now carry the very popular compact music stand by Cordoba and guitar tuners. 
“Nylon-string guitars taken beyond tradition. Building on a history of bohemian creativity and expert craftsmanship, Córdoba incorporates the musician’s love for individuality into each guitar. From the traditional to the ground breaking, Córdoba guitars represent the history and future of guitar making.©”

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books / music/ gifts

The full line of music books and CD’s developed and recorded by Leonardo Garcia, PLUS gifts for students ..stay “tuned”.

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concerts & recitals  – 

Recital  –  FALL 2018: chiaroscuro  – light & darkness

Recital – simple to sublime – 2011, September 10.

michelangelo galilei 1575-1631 – Toccata V / Toccata II
Transcription by Per-Olav Kindgren 
luys de narvaez – Cancion del Emperador (sobre, “Mille Regretz” – Josquin) 1538
johann sebastian bach 1685-1750 – Praeludium – Toccata for keyboard in e minor
[Transposed to d minor – arrangement for guitar: per olav kindgren]
marek pasieczny 2006  – Nocturne Funebre
First movement from Hommage a Aleksander Tansman
per-olav kindgren 2009 – Estampas ~ Images of Spain
Prelude: Luz en Capilla
Cancion de Luna
Cancion de Amanecer
Feria de Pueblo
emilio pujol villarrubi 1886-1980 – Fantasía Breve
De pasos largos y trabaos sobre el nombre “SALCEDO” 1955
manuel ponce -1927? – Preludes for Guitar Original score edited by Miguel Alcazar
Prelude Number 4 in the key of A minor
Prelude Number 8 in the key of F sharp minor
Prelude Number 9 in the key of E major
Prelude Number 5 in the key of D major
per-olav kindgren – 2009 – Suite Del Sur – para Astor Piazzolla
Tango – danse nuevo
Elegia  – lamente
Sureña – bossa nova

KinderGuitar New Mexico is now forming classes for children ages 5-12. Beginning classes are in full swing. Reserve your time slot! Contact information is also shown in the Contact tab, or call Rodney Burr, 505.304.0528, for more information.