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Children L O V E  the  G U I T A R WHY?  With little effort they can produce a pleasing  T O N E  (accomplishment).     The Guitar is a C O M P L E T E  Right & Left brain activity (strong analytic abilities).      It allows your child to participate in sports, band, choir, languages, etc., in addition to learning the guitar, and  provides the opportunity for S O C I A L activity (fun), while providing a P O S I T I V E  M U S I C AL  E X P E R I E N C E (enjoyment) !

A conversation regarding community is many times based on common interests, sports, hobbies, education, and of course how it involves children. When it comes to children we try to sense what, how, and when to begin helping them to learn, and we note the importance of learning.   

KinderGuitar is a “musical community”© focused on lifelong learning.

2012 *BEST New KinderGuitar Program:                                                                                                            “For extraordinary effort to build a musical community through educational excellence”.  

2012 *BEST New KinderGuitar Teacher:                                                                                                                   For guiding and educating his students with passion and enthusiasm”.                                                      -   Leonardo Garcia, Developer/ Founder, KinderGuitar.

Whether your child is attending public school, private school or is home schooled, KinderGuitar has application to develop skill sets that will be useful for a lifetime.  The Curriculum is shown below. 

As the developer of KinderGuitar®, award winning guitarist, Leonardo Garcia had an “interest in finding ways to engage children in the process of learning”© and “musical community”©, unlike mainstream music lessons. As a parent and artist, he has put into action his own methods for education, skill building, socialization, play, and teaching; teaching which involves not only the child but the parent. I would like to invite you to contact me about the KinderGuitar program and how it can serve as an area of enrichment for your child, for you, and your community.  Detailed information can be found at the newly updated company website: http://kinderguitar.com/

 “Children Creating Beauty While Experiencing Lifelong Learning”©

“When you wish for something, it takes a desire and focus to bring it about…

In 1990, I bought a classical guitar from a travelling student to lighten his load and fill his pocket with some cash to get him back on the road.  I took lessons at the community college in the evenings for about 12 weeks.  I always wondered where I could have taken this had I started earlier in life.  Classical guitars sized for kids were not readily available.  Fast forward now to January 2012 and the discovery of KinderGuitar, a wish come true for me and my son, Fenix.
Words cannot justify how rewarding this has been for myself and Fenix.  His development of self-confidence, the evidence of practice and the discipline to execute, has allowed Fenix to see for himself what he can become.  I couldn’t be more proud of my son and grateful to Rod for being here in Albuquerque.  Wishes do come true.”
- Jeff H.  2013

ROD BURR has been playing the guitar for 46 years. At the age of 13 he took his brother’s Stella guitar and learned to play by watching a summer series from KQED, Laura Weber’s Folk Guitar. This tied into the same year that Mason Williams premiered his remarkable piece “Classical Gas” on the Smothers Brothers Variety hour that alone was impetus.

As a budding guitarist the classical genre was new to him. He started studying with Musicologist, Ron Grosswiler and World famous Flamenco Guitarist, Rene Heredia,  of Denver, and performed his first recital at the age of 14 playing Carulli and Sor guitar duos. With a stint in a rock band and the waning ideas of a music career, he chose to seek other ways to make a living, however, the guitar was still a lifelong focus. Through studying with New Mexico teachers/ guitarists; Paul Nielsen, Patricia Brothwell, and Cuban master of the guitar, Maestro Hector Garcia (Mestre Emilio Pujol’s teaching assistant), in Albuquerque, New Mexico, year to year, the focus was the same: elegant, beautiful music with refined technique and a pure velvety sound.

KinderGuitar 2012 BEST New KinderGuitar Program & 2012 BEST New KinderGuitar Teacher:

“Only a year ago, local musician Rodney Burr, an accomplished classical guitarist and passionate educator, completed his extensive training in early education, pedagogy, and KinderGuitar’s unique curriculum in order to earn KinderGuitar certification and begin using KinderGuitar as a specialized teacher for children. Over the course of the last year, Rodney’s KinderGuitar studio has developed a passionate following among Albuquerque’s parents and their children. As one happy parent stated, “KinderGuitar New Mexico has been a blessing to us. Rod is truly gifted with teaching children. His patience and encouragement have helped our son excel in music and actually enjoy practicing at home. The KinderGuitar curriculum keeps him engaged and always looking forward to the next step. KinderGuitar is certainly worth the investment!”  - Leonardo Garcia: Developer/ Founder KinderGuitar

Curriculum  -  

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