This is what Parents are saying about KinderGuitar…as we enter the 7th year of amazing students!

  • “I wish we could clone you and take you with us! Let us know when MD Kinder Guitar opens!   NM Kinder Guitar is a gem in Albuquerque. Our son has been attending NM Kinder Guitar for 5 years and we could not be happier with the depth of experience, kindness and passion Rodney brings to each lesson. The Kinder Guitar curriculum is unique, very well-structured and easy to understand. We feel very lucky to have found such an excellent program and teacher.”

Todd M.

  • “My granddaughter, Zurial, who is now 10 years old, has been taking KinderGuitar for almost 2 years.  The KinderGuitar approach is so positive and child-friendly and it is a pleasure to watch her experience the joy of making music.       KinderGuitar breaks the skills of playing the classical guitar into little bites and the music books are delightfully titled to make children smile.   Stickers, cookies and certificates when milestones are met add to the children’s delight.   Zurial has responded beautifully to Rodney Burr’s teaching style.  He is warm, enthusiastic, and he has a keen ability to connect to children of all temperaments.  Successes are celebrated and errors are opportunities to learn.  He laughs easily with the children and they are always relaxed and eager.     KinderGuitar is a perfectly paced, age-appropriate classical guitar instruction program.    Besides learning to play the guitar I have seen Zurial’s self confidence grow.   Finally the program  fosters emotional growth and self-regulation, especially the ability to focus and maintain attention.   Our family is thrilled that Zurial has had the opportunity to learn to play the classical guitar with the KinderGuitar program and especially to work with Rodney Burr.”

Marykate Smith Psy.D., RPT-S, Grandmother, Child psychologist, Registered Play Therapist

  • “When you wish for something, it takes a desire and focus to bring it about… and the discovery of KinderGuitar, a wish come true for me and my son, Fenix. Words cannot justify how rewarding this has been for myself and Fenix.  His development of self-confidence, the evidence of practice and the discipline to execute, has allowed Fenix to see for himself what he can become.  I couldn’t be more proud of my son and grateful to Rod for being here in Albuquerque.  Wishes do come true.”

Jeff Hillmeyer.  Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • “KinderGuitar New Mexico has been a blessing to us.  Rod Burr is truly gifted with teaching children music theory and appreciation.  His patience and encouragement have helped our son to excel in music and actually enjoy practicing at home.  The KinderGuitar curriculum keeps him engaged and always looking forward to moving to the next step.  KinderGuitar is certainly worth the investment!” 

Pete & Lisa Veres, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

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KinderGuitar New Mexico is now forming classes for children ages 5-12. Beginning classes are in full swing. Reserve your time slot! Contact information is also shown in the Contact tab, or call Rodney Burr, 505.304.0528, for more information.